The College website offersinformation about the various courses available, the detailed syllabi and theprocess of admission. The college prospectus

includes the admission form whichprovides information about the selection of subjects in which admission is tobe sought, the college profile and details about the admission process. Thenotices regarding admission processes are displayed on the notice boards, andgiven in newspapers. The college ensures transparency in its admission processby displaying the merit list based on the government norms and displaying thelist of selected candidates on the notice board and website of thecollege.  To review the admission process, admission committees are formedevery year, which work under the supervision of the Principal. These committeesguide the students in selecting the subject/papers and testimonials. A HelpDesk in the college is also available for new students. The student profile isprepared every year by the office.   With a view to increase accessand to provide equal opportunities to all sections of society, the collegeprovides reservations and relaxation in qualifications for admission toSC/ST/OBC/differently abled students are per the policy of the Government ofChhattisgarh. Women candidates are given 30% reservation in all the categories.The economically weaker students, admitted in the college under Below PovertyLine (BPL) scheme get scholarships and relaxations in fees as per govt. norms.Scholarships are available to all eligible SC/ST, OBC, BPL and minoritystudents. Additional weightage of percentage is given to outstanding achieversin sports and extra curricular activities having national, regional orinternational certificates. course outlines are provided thoroughly syllabus,college website and regular announcements.. The college website is updatedregularly.

Admission process

the students seeking admission in thecollege are to fill the admission application form attached to the statementand submit it to the college along with the certificates mentioned in theapplication form. the admission list will be issued in alphabetical order afterthe last date fixed by the admission committee for receipt of admissionapplication form. the last date for depositing the entry fee in each entry listwill be fixed. before the final date mentioned in the admission list,candidates will appear before the admission committee along with all theiroriginal certificates and complete the process of admission. admissioncommittees of all classes will disseminate all information regarding admissionthrough the information board. therefore, the candidates seeking admissionshould refer to the relevant admission information in the notice board and keepin touch with the admission committee.

1. admission rules:- admission to thecollege is given as per the guide principle for admission to undergraduate andgraduate classes issued by the government of chhattisgarh department of highereducation. these guidelines apply to all government, non-government colleges inchhattisgarh by co-read with the provision of "k nos. 6 and 7 under thechhattisgarh university act, 1973"

2. date of admission:-

2.1 submission of application formfor admission:-

the application forms prescribed bythe principal of the college for admission to the college will be submittedalong with all the certificates by the due date. the last date for submissionof application form for admission to various classes will be put on the noticeboard by the principal of the college. board for admission / board foradmission in case of non-submission of marks list by the university,applications can be submitted without the mark list if certified by theprincipal of the previous institution.

2.2 setting the last date foradmission:-

except for the transfer case, theprincipal will be able to grant admission on his own till july 30 and with thepermission of the vice-chancellor by august 14. in case the result of theexamination is delayed, the last date of admission is up to 10 days from thedate of receipt of the result of the examination in the college or by theuniversity/ the board will be valid for 15 days from the date of receipt of theresult of the examination, whichever is earlier.

2.3 last date of admission forstudents who passed in revaluation:-

students who have passed in therevaluation will be eligible for admission on arrival in the order of merit for15 days from the declaration of the revaluation results.

3. determination of intake number

based on the resources available inthe college and seating arrangements in the classroom, equipment available inthe laboratory, availability of consumables and staff, etc., the principal willdetermine the number of students for various classes. the order in bs-c part iand part one is "k% 60 and 50 positions have been fixed by theuniversity.


the maximum number of admissions invarious classes in the college will be as follows:

B.A. 1st part 1st part 40b.ssc 1st part 120

B.A. ii part part ii part ii part 80

B.A. third part third part iii part 80

 (1) M.A. pre/finalsociology/economics/hindi 30 per quarter.

(2)M.Sc zoology-50 per room.

 Admission list-4.1 the meritlist of the total marks obtained by the principal shall be put on the tablealong with percentage/marks by informing the last date fixed for depositing theadmission fee, by paying surcharge in the qualifying examination of thestudents selected for admission and where surcharge is due.

4.2 Copies of attached certificatesrequired by the admission committee shall be allowed to be deposited only aftermatching them with the original certificates and attesting and submitting theoriginal copy of the transfer certificate. immediately after grant ofadmission, the transfer certificate will be revoked by putting a seal of"admission granted" cancellation.

4.3 Admission to the college shall bevalid only on deposit of the prescribed fee. after admission, the original copyof the transfer certificate will be compulsorily revoked by sealing thecancellation.

4.4 in case of vacancy after the lastdate of submission of fee of the declared admission list, the late fee foradmission in all classes as per rules is rs. 100/- will be charged extra innon-official head, however, no entry will be allowed in such cases after 30thjuly.

4.5 Transfer certificate; admissionwill not be granted on duplicate basis. in case of losing the transfercertificate, the fir at the nearest police station. be recorded. admission canbe granted in the event of receipt of a report of the police station and theauthorized report from the pre-admitted institution, indicating the serialnumber and date of the original transfer certificate. a promissory note will betaken from the student for this.

5. Eligibility of admission:-

5.1 residents and qualifyingexaminations:-

(a) only the sons/daughters of theoriginal/permanent, permanent residents of chhattisgarh/government employees ofthe state or central government, semi-government employees or employees of aprivate limited company, nationalised banks and employees of government of India-runprofessional organisations, whose designation is in Chhattisgarh, and thedisplaced persons and their dependents of Jammu and Kashmir will be admitted tothe government college. as per the above, even after grant of admission,students who have passed the recognized board and qualifying examination ofother states may be admitted on the basis of merit as per rules.

5.2 regular admission at thegraduation level:-

(a) Applicants who have passed the10+2 examination will be eligible for regular admission in the bachelor's levelyear. but students of the faculty of commerce and arts will not be admitted tothe faculty of science.

(b) Passing the first/secondexamination at the undergraduate level will be eligible for regular admissionof those subjects in the second/third year respectively. graduation is noteligible for change of subject in the second year.

 5.3 Regular entrants atpost-graduate level.

(a) /B.A. applicants whohave passed the graduation examination will be given M.Sc. (Zoology)/M.A., B.Sc.with pre/post-semester and qualifying. passed applicants should be given M.Sc./M.A. will be eligible for regular admission in the past

(b) applicants who have passed postgraduate first year/first semester will be eligible for regular admission inpost graduate second year of the same subject. applicants who qualify thepre-qualifying examination of semester system will be eligible for regularadmission in the next semester.

(c) post graduate classes

6. equivalent examination:-

6.1 central board of secondaryeducation (cbse), indian council for secondary education (icse) and schools/intermediateboard 10+2 examinations of other states are valid at par with the board ofsecondary education 10+2 examination.



7. admission of external applicants:-

7.1 B.A./ up tograduation with the introduction of integrated course, applicants who havepassed the first/second year examination from any university/self-governmentcollege in Chhattisgarh are eligible for admission in the second/third yearrespectively, but regular admission will be given only after the applicantshave appeared in the previous examination in the subjects/subject groups beingtaught in the respective university/self-government college. if necessary, aneligibility certificate must be obtained from the university.

7.2 Applicants who have passed thefirst/second examination of graduation level from universities/self-governmentcolleges located outside Chhattisgarh shall be given regular admission in thenext class of the same subjects/subject group after submitting the certificatesfrom the respective universities by them.

7.3 in science and other practicalsubjects, self-study applicants may be allowed to do only practical work by theprincipal in case of vacancy and the alumni of the college by charging a fixedfee till 30th November.


8. Temporary admission: studentseligible for temporary admission will be required to take temporary admissionbefore the last date prescribed for admission.

8.1 Applicants who have taken supplementaryexamination in one subject in the first/second examination of graduation levelshall be eligible for temporary admission in the next class.

8.2 Applicants of clauses 1 and 2 ofthe above mentioned kandika 6 shall not be eligible for temporary admission.

8.3 Temporary admission failed insupplementary examination temporary admission of student/student shall becancelled. on passing, temporary admission will be accepted as regularadmission.

 9. qualifications foradmission:-

9.1 The student/student who fails inthe class of a faculty of the college shall not be eligible for re-regularadmission in the same class. if a student has not taken regular admission inthe class requested in the previous session, such applicant shall not be deemedto be disqualification for regular admission, he will be admitted as per rulesonly on the basis of original transfer certificate and affidavit certifyingthat he has not taken admission in the past.

9.2 those against whom a courtchallan has been submitted or a criminal case is going on in the court, thereare allegations of misconduct/assault on students/officers/employees in thepast. even after the warning, the improvement has not been reflected, theprincipal is authorized not to give admission to such students/students.

9.3 the principal is authorized todeny admission to the students/girl students accused of vandalism anddestruction of the property of the college/ragging. the principal willconstitute a committee for this purpose and conduct an inquiry and theadmission will be cancelled on the basis of the inquiry report. such studentswill not be admitted to any government/non-government college in the state ofchhattisgarh.


9.4 (a) Applicants above the age of22 years in the first year of graduation and 27 years in the first year atpost-graduate level will not be eligible for admission. the age will becalculated as on july 1. but in the age limit, the girl students will beexempted by three years.

(b) sc/st/backward classes/scs/scsthere will be a relaxation of three years in the age limit for students withdisabilities/women applicants.

9.5 a full-timegovernment/non-government service employee shall be eligible for admission asper the rules of the government.


10. determining the order of meritfor admission:- in case of more applicants than the available seats, admissionwill be done in the order of merit as follows.

10.1 if the marks obtained andsurcharge of the qualifying examination for admission to graduation arepayable, the surcharge shall be based on the total marks/marks obtained byadding the surcharge.

10.2 separate merit list shall beprepared for the unprotected and reserved category.


11. Priority for admission:-

11.1 the basis of priority in firstyear undergraduate classes shall be in the order of regular, ex-, self-taughtpassed students who have passed out in the qualifying examination.

11.2 The priority base inundergraduate classes shall be in accordance with the regular, ex-self-taughtstudents/ self-study students of the pre-session who have passed the qualifyingexamination, supplementary in one subject.

12 . reservation:-

12.1 1% 32% and 14% of the seats arereserved for sc/st and obc candidates respectively.

12.2 3% of the seats will be reservedjointly for the sons and daughters of freedom fighters and their sons anddaughters and applicants belonging to the disabled category. the combined orderof both the categories will be determined by paying a surcharge of 10% of themarks obtained to the disabled applicants.

13 surcharges:

the authority will be provided fordetermining the quality, it will not be used for eligibility. surcharge will bepayable only on the percentage of marks obtained in the qualifying examination,for surcharge it is mandatory to attach all the certificates with the admissionapplication form. certificates to be brought/to be submitted later aftersubmission of application form will not be considered for surcharge, only thehighest surcharge will be payable on receipt of more than one surcharge.

13.1 ncc/nss/scouts-

the word scouts should be read as themeaning of scouts/guides/rangers cadre.

(a) n.s.s./s.c.c. a certificate 02percent

(b) nss/sccb certificate 0.3%

dicular stairs pass scouts

(c) scouts passing 'c' certificate orthird step 0.4%

(d) state level directorate of ncc 04percent in the competition

students representing the group

(e) the ncc/ncc of chhattisgarh atthe republic day parade in new delhi. 05 percent

to the student who participated inthe nssctingenge

(f) governor scouts 0.5 per cent

(g) president scouts 10 percent

(h) best ncc of chhattisgarh cadet 10percent

(i) duke of adinclass award-winningncc. cadet india 10%

and youth ex-jjezegograms betweenother nations and ncc/ncr.

selected and migrating cadets for nss

students who are selected forinternational level.

13.2sports/literary/cultural/quiz/design competitions:-

(1) organized by the directorate ofpublic instruction or the chhattisgarh higher education department

inter-district, division level orinter-organized by the central school organization

in the division/area levelcompetition:-

(a) each member of the first, second,third placed team should be given 0.2%

(b) 0.4% to the one who has secured asuitable position in the individual competition.

(2) by the department/directoratementioned in kandika 12.2(1) above,

organized by the inter-division statelevel or kendriya vidyalaya sangathan

in the inter-regional, nationalcompetition organized by the organization or

in the international competition ofthe university of india, the aiu, or

in the regional competition organizedby the ministry of parliamentary affairs, government of india:-

(a) each member of the first, second,third placed team should get 0.6%

(b) 0.7% to the one who has secured asuitable position in the individual competition

(c) 0.5% to the contestantrepresenting the division/area

(3) the ministry of parliamentaryaffairs, organized by the association of indian universities,

in the national competition held bythe government of india:-

(a) 15% of the first, second placeholder in the individual competition

(b) 12% of the team member whosecured first, second place

(c) 10% of the first, second, thirdplace winner in the individual competition

12.3 youth or signs between india andother nations and

science/cultural/literary/art underexchange programme

selected and migrating teams in thearea will be given 10% of the cases.

12.4 in the national competitionorganized by the recognized sports federations from Chhattisgarh/Madhya Pradesh:-

(a) 10% of the team membersrepresenting Chhattisgarh/Madhya Pradesh

(b) 12% of the members of the teamfrom Chhattisgarh who secured first, second, third place

12.5 01 per"k to the displacedpersons and their dependents of Jammu and Kashmir

12.6 special incentives:-

in order to promote ncc/sports powerin the interest of the state and college of chhattisgarh, the best cadets atthe national level of ncc and the students participating in the sportscompetition organized by olympiad/asiad/sports authority of India at nationaland international level will be given direct entry into the classes for whichthey are eligible in the upcoming academic session without any merit:

(1) such certificates have beenattested by the director, sports and youth welfare, government of Chhattisgarh,and

(2) this facility will be availableonly to those candidates who have submitted their representation to theuniversity within the stipulated time period, but for the second time they willbe required to regain the achievement for getting such facility for the secondtime.

the Chhattisgarh prohibition ofragging in educational institutions ordinance, 2001 has been issued. ragginghas been treated as cognizable and non-bailable illegal by this ordinance.therefore, if any student/student is found in activities like ragging, his/heradmission will be cancelled and a criminal case will be registered against him.therefore, all students/students should stay away from such activities. forthis, each student has to give a shapath letter.