Code of conduct for students in government college, Chhattisgarh general rules

The students who take admission in the government college ofChhattisgarh will have to follow the rules of the college in letter and case of non-compliance, they will be partners in the punitive actionprescribed by the government.

1.   The students will come to thecollege in decent costumes. under no circumstances should their attire beprovocative.

2.     Each student will devote hisfull attention to the study, as well as provide full support to theextra-curricular activities organized by the college.

3.     In the college premises, theyshall behave decently, do not use abusive, abusive, assault or firearms usingindecent behaviour, unparliamentary language.

4.     Every student shall treat histeachers, officers and employees with humility and humility.
it is the moral duty of every student to keep the college campus healthy, hewill lead a simple and frugal life.

5.     Consumption of any kind ofnarcotic substance is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of the college.

6.     It is strictly forbidden to spitaround in college, to dirty the walls or to write dirty things.
strict action will be taken if students are found involved in anti-social andcriminal activities.

7.     The students will not displaytheir demands by spreading agitation violence or terror. students will distancethemselves from party politics and will not resort to political parties,activists or newspapers to meet their demands.

8.     The use of mobile phones in thecollege premises will be completely prohibited.

Rules of study:
1. 75% attendance of the student in each particularwill be mandatory and it will also be applicable in ncc/nss otherwise they willnot be eligible to appear in the annual examination.

2.Students will use the equipment in the laboratory carefully. they willkeep them clean.

3. Fully comply with the rules established by the library, they will receive. Theprescribed number of correct books and will have to pay the prescribed penaltyfor not returning in time.
4. To address any difficulty related to the study, he shall make a peacefulrepresentation in a peaceful manner with the members of the gurus or themembers of
the principal.
5.Vandalism of fans, lights, furniture, electric fittings, etc. in lecturerooms, laboratories or libraries shall be considered as penal conduct.