Department at a Glance

In 21st century Information Technology is the central dogma of knowledge for any civilized society. Today all field of knowledge need help of computer science for their ramification and manifestation. But still our society is divisible into three categories one is computer literate and another computer illiterate and third one is super skilled equipped with knowledge of computer technology. Our country is moving fast and competing with whole of the world, under such circumstances it is essential for us to bridge the gap among all three categories of population. So, with the aim to bridge the gap and support our society to transform for 21st century, Department of Computer Science has been launched in 2004 and since then department is moving ahead to achieve the goal.


Our vision is to provide skilled resource person in the field of computer application and information technology to our society, so that our upcoming generation may translate our society at par to world level knowledge. Our specialized vision is to bring the youth of Chhattisgarh especially tribes on main track of modern knowledge to generate livelihood among them.


To fulfill above vision our mission is –
To produce skilled stakeholders to the society in the field of computer science and information technology with various forms of degree.
To generate a job oriented skilled society.
To make our society literate for computer science.
To provide solutions to all branches of knowledge by the help of information technology.

Future Plan

Separate Department and Lab will be established for Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Application.
M.Sc. (CS)  and M.Sc. (IT) will start.
Short Term Certificate and Diploma courses will start.
Workshop / Seminar will be organized.
Educational tour for P.G. students.
Research center will start.