Official fee:- as per the rules of thegovernment.

Non-government fee (college fee):

Public participation fee:

200/- per annum will be payable to each regular student/girl child for each session alongwith the entry fee as per the rules of the government.

Regular students at the undergraduate level will have to deposit theexamination fee fixed by the universities. this exam is conducted by theuniversity.


Red cross fee:

25/- per student per annum|

Currency note:

1. The examination fee fixed by the university in the month of Novemberwill have to be deposited by each student.

2. As per the order of the government, the above fee may change.

whenever the students submit a petition for refund of security fund, thereceipt has to be attached to the application form and the non-duecertificate of all the departments will also have to be given. if the studenthas for more than three years left to study regularly in this college for anyreason and has not withdrawn his security fund, it will not be refunded.

4. while submitting the application for leaving the college, | forobtaining transfer certificate and refund of security fund you have to submityour identity card in the university. similarly, it will benecessary to show this identity card while getting the scholarship money. the refund of security fund will not be done without an identitycard.

5. every student must keep the receipt of payment of fee with him/ her,which at any time, if required, | the fee has to be submitted in the form of acertificate of payment.

6. at the time of examination, the student is yet to be given anindefeasible certificate (no dues certificate) for appearing in the examinationand obtaining the admit card, if at any point of time, while inspecting therecords of the registers of the office, it is found that any fee or material isyet to be recovered from any student for the mistake or inattention of theoffice or any other reason. the student has to pay the fee and material.

whatever may be the date of admission or leaving the college, afterobtaining admission, the student will be eligible to deposit the fees of thecollege for the entire session.

8. the sanctioned exemption or scholarship in respect of fees to thestudents shall be discontinued in case of indiscipline.

9. the 15th and 16th of the month have been fixedfor the refund of cushion money.


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